2020 Online WRS Series Event #1: FIRST UPDATE

This year’s first 2020 Online WRS Series event is filling up quick!

Register today so that you are assured a spot in this event.

Remember, you don’t have to submit your video when you register, your video can be submitted at any time up until the submission deadline.

Once you register, you will find a link in your profile to upload your video.

First, log into your profile, and then the upload link can be found under Events>My Event Registrations.
(まず、プロフィールにログインします。アップロードリンクは、[[イベント]> [マイイベント登録]]にあります。)

You can upload as many videos as you want, however, only the last video uploaded by each athlete for each Division registration will be judged.

A couple of other important details.

It has come to the CWSA’s attention that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some national regional or local jurisdictions may require that masks, or masks and gloves, be worn while engaging in outdoor sport activities, including wakesurfing.

If a mask is required in your national, regional or local jurisdiction that will NOT result in a disqualification.

If you are required to wear a mask while riding in your jurisdiction please see the Entry Examples at the bottom of the 2020 Online WRS Series Event #1 event page and provide the placard using a submission format where your face is visible with the placard, board and fins. This is a good example.

The CWSA encourages all athletes participating in all CWSA events, Online or live, to comply with all recommended or required health and safety measure imposed by your local jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to comply with the COVID-19 legal requirements in your jurisdiction.

Finally, please note that Item 14 of the Rules for this Event has been clarified as follows:

14. All provisions of the CWSA Competition Guidelines 2020 v.3.0 apply, with the following modifications for this event only:
(CWSAコンペティションガイドライン2020 v.3.0のすべての規定が適用されますが、このイベントに対してのみ以下の変更が行われます。)

  • Part 10.6 Run shall begin starting with the first maneuver after dropping the rope and will end after 45 seconds, or upon gaining control of last maneuver started within the 45 second time frame and within a reasonable amount of time (5 seconds).

This clarification resolves any potential inconsistency between Item 1 and Item 14.

Have a great weekend on the water, enjoy your family and friends, and good luck in this Event.